Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation

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Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation
5th Floor Nippon Zaidan Building
1-2-2 Akasaka
Tokyo 107-0052

Tel: +81/3 6229 5377
Fax: +81/3 6229 5388

President Emeritus – Dr Shigeaki Hinohara
President – Professor Kenzo Kiikuni
Chair of the Board – Professor Etsuko Kita
Member, Board of Directors, International Programmes – Hiroe Soyagimi
Member, Board of Directors and General Secretary – Genji Matsumoto


SMHF looks at leprosy as a complex of medical and social/human aspects. Initially it placed a greater emphasis on medical aspects offering cure to endemic countries worldwide. Since the mid-1990s it has been increasingly addressing social and human aspects of leprosy. SMHF believes that a world without leprosy, free from stigma and discrimination, cannot be achieved unless the individuals cured of leprosy enjoy equal and full opportunities as constructive members of the community. SMHF believes in empowerment of individuals, families and communities affected by leprosy, and supports projects to make them economically and socially independent and empowers them through better education and networking. Since 2003, a representative of people affected by Hansen’s disease has been a member of the SMHF Council.