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The Leprosy Mission International
80 Windmill Road

Tel: +44/20 8326 6767
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International Chairman – Ken Martin
International Vice-Chair – Dr Nalini Abraham

International Director – Brent Morgan
Head of Operations Support – Pete Garratt
Head of Quality Assurance – Jannine Ebenso
Head of Finance – Gladstone Worthington
Head of Human Resources – Helen Eyers

Director for India – Dr Sunil Anand
Director for Research (also for American Leprosy Missions) – Dr Paul Saunderson


TLMI is the global leadership, co-ordination, facilitation and monitoring body of The Leprosy Mission Fellowship, a global federation of 29 country offices of The Leprosy Mission.

TLMI is governed by an International Board of 10 persons from 8 countries, including representatives from implementing countries and supporting countries. The Board oversees the work of the International Director, who is supported in his task by a Representative Management Group.

TLMI was a founding Member of ILEP.

The Leprosy Mission takes a holistic view of leprosy and the needs of people affected by leprosy. Its priorities range from health needs (including leprosy detection, treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing care), inclusion of people affected by leprosy into their communities, changing of community attitudes towards leprosy especially in areas where leprosy is stigmatised, building the capacity of workers in health and social services through training programmes, and research studies and modelling good practice.

The international office is based in Brentford, West London, UK.

TLM’s Vision: Leprosy defeated, lives transformed

TLM’s long term aims: 

  • Leprosy Services: People affected by leprosy have timely access to quality leprosy services
  • Dignity and Empowerment: People marginalised by leprosy, disability and other causes realise their worth and are empowered to overcome challenges
  • Social Integration: Communities are free from stigma and discrimination towards people affected by leprosy and disability
  • Research and Learning: TLM will be a learning organisation that uses and shares evidence-based practice
  • Resource Mobilisation: TLM is well resourced in prayer, funds, partnerships and people to effectively achieve its mission

TLM’s Values:

Because we follow Jesus Christ, we value Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Inclusion and Humility.

Integral Mission: 

Transformation involves body, mind and spirit. In all we do, through prayer and obedience to God, we want to proclaim and demonstrate the truth and love of Jesus Christ.