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Our strategy for 2016-2018 guides the work of the ILEP Federation

It was developed through extensive consultation with ILEP’s Executive Board, staff, Technical Commission, Panel of women and men affected by leprosy and over 60 interviews with people affected by leprosy, the WHO (including its Global Leprosy Programme), technical experts, the Novartis Foundation, the Gates Foundation, ILEP’s Country Coordinators, National Programme Managers, disability NGOs and coalitions.

These are our goals:

  • Stopping the transmission of leprosy: Zero Transmission
  • Preventing disability due to leprosy: Zero Disabilities
  • Promoting inclusion of people affected by leprosy: Zero Discrimination

Read more about how ILEP Members are working together in support of the Triple Zero Campaign here: Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities and Zero Discrimination

Download 2016 – 2018 Final Strategy
Download 2016 – 2018 Final strategy – French version

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