World Leprosy Day 2018 – overview

Congratulations to all ILEP members who helped make World Leprosy Day 2018 a success. From the launch of the global partnership, to the stories of people affected and the solutions needed to prevent boys & girls from developing disabilities, leprosy was highlighted across many public platforms reaching a wide range of stakeholders and diverse audiences around the world.

Media coverage included the Financial Times, The Guardian (Dr. Alex Kumar photo essay) , and in non-English language outlets. The day had widespread pick up amongst the leprosy and NTD communities also, with supportive statements from the WHO, Uniting to Combat NTDs, Swiss TPH  and the OHCHR.

Social media news feeds were full of #WorldLeprosyDay2018 hashtags and stories, with great engagement from key audiences. Supportive tweets came from many quarters, including voices of people affected, government health ministries, WHO, UN officials, UNICEF, celebrities, the NTD community, other health and development NGOs and even Pope Francis.

The tweets and Facebook posts from the ILEP office reached more than 86,000 people alone. With thanks to ILEP members and partners who shared content to amplify the message, and those who promoted their own activities around the world, many tens of thousands more people will have been informed and encouraged to engage with our collective work to achieve zero leprosy.

Please do send any highlights from your World Leprosy Day activities and media/social media coverage to Rosa so she can compile a more comprehensive list.