Survey reveals enthusiasm for proposed Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy Transmission

Pages from the report on the survey about the Global Partnership for Zero Transmission

August 2, 2017

New advances in diagnostic tests and epidemiologic approaches to reducing leprosy transmission have recently brought the vision of “Zero Transmission” into focus. During March-June 2017, the Task Force for Global Health, in collaboration with the Novartis Foundation, conducted a survey of leprosy stakeholders to gauge levels of enthusiasm and support for a new global partnership to achieve Zero Transmission. ILEP Members, many of whom provided input to the survey, are now asked to comment on the resulting report.

The stakeholder analysis, which included both an online survey and a series of interviews, had three aims:

  1. assess the level of interest in forming a Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy Transmission;
  2. gather stakeholder views on the structure, governance, and membership for such a partnership; and
  3. understand how the Partnership could best serve the needs of the leprosy community and complement other efforts underway.

A newly published report indicates that stakeholders share a sense that “the time is right” to mobilize efforts to realize the promise of these new advances and incorporate them into leprosy programmes. ILEP was identified by many as having a key role to play.

Next steps

The coming months will see intensive work among various stakeholders with a view to bringing the Partnership into being. ILEP CEO Tanya Wood, in the July update to Members, wrote, “We have said we can’t do ‘business as usual’, but it will take some new thinking, as well as potentially additional resources, to make this a reality”.

> Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy Transmission _Stakeholder Analysis Report_28 July 2017

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