World Leprosy Day

The goal for World Leprosy Day is to raise the awareness of a disease that many people believe has been eliminated. It is observed every year on the last Sunday in January.

This date was chosen by French humanitarian and one of ILEP’s founding fathers, Raoul Follereau, in 1953, because it was the third Sunday from Epiphany in the Catholic calendar. This is when the Catholic Church reads the story of the Gospel where Jesus meets and heals a person with leprosy.

World Leprosy Day will be observed on Sunday 28th January 2018. This year’s theme will be preventing disabilities in girls and boys affected with leprosy.

ILEP Members can now access information and materials about World Leprosy Day 2018.

Note in India, World Leprosy Day is celebrated on the 30th January each year to coincide with the death of Mahatma Ghandi, who passed away on that day in 1948. Gandhi worked tirelessly to help those affected with the disease.