Country Coordination

The ILEP office facilitates the ILEP international strategy but implementation of the strategy is conducted at country level by the active work of ILEP member organisations. Therefore, there is a need for effective coordination at the national level amongst members, to promote a stronger voice with external partners and provide a link and communication channel with the  ILEP secretariat office.

Coordination is at the heart of ILEP and we are committed to working at country level with country coordinators to ensure our member organisations are collaborating and aligning their efforts with national and global strategies to achieve a leprosy-free world.

The overall efforts of ILEP members will be enhanced by collaborating, sharing information and resources and having a stronger common voice and strategy.

Country strategies are produced to ensure that we are contributing at a national and international level to efforts to achieve zero leprosy and are updated regularly.

For more information contact:

Monty Mokhayer – ILEP Information Management Officer

Alex Jaucot – CEO Damien Foundation Belgium / ILEP Country Coordination Champion