Kofi Nyarko

“Born Jackson Jonathan Nyarko, I was given the nickname Kofi, which means “born on Friday” in Twi, a language of Ghana.”


Kofi is Headmaster of St. Elizabeth’s Special School in Elimina, Ghana, which provides education for children with special needs. He is married to Lucy with three sons and one daughter.

Kofi was diagnosed with leprosy at the age 10, by which time he had irreversible physical effects of the disease. As a result of being rejected by his classmates, he decided that when he had completed his schooling, he would help other people in situations similar to his.

Kofi is a member of IDEA’s Board of Directors and for the past nine years he has also been Vice President, St. Joseph Catholic Church, KEEA District. He is the International Leprosy Association Council Member representing Africa.