The Members’ Assembly

The Members’ Assembly is comprised of all the Heads of Member organisations. It agrees our strategy, budget, by-law changes, the job description of the Chief Executive Officer and elects the Executive Board to supervise its implementation.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board formulates and regularly reviews our strategic aims and ensures that our policy and practices are in keeping with our aims, vision and values.

Members of the Executive Board:

Jan van Berkel, President

Executive Director, NLR
photo of Jan van Berkel

Bill Simmons

President and Chief Executive Officer, American Leprosy Missions
photo of Bill Simmons

Burkard Kömm

Chief Executive Officer, DAHW
photo of Burkard Kömm

Brent Morgan

International Director, TLMI
Brent Morgan

Alex Jaucot

Director General, DFB
Alex Jaucot

Governance documents

Download ILEP’s Constitution – 10 September 2019
Download ILEP’s Bye laws – 10 September 2019