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This special supplement has been published earlier this month in the RSTMH journal International Health

Reflections on accomplishments in the prevention, treatment and management of consequences of NTDs

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The Supplement was edited by Kim Koporc and Paul Emerson and features peer-reviewed articles that cover a wide variety of cross-cutting NTD issues, achievements spearheaded by NNN member organizations, and identifies priorities for future work needed to control, prevent, eliminate and provide patient care for NTDs.

The following are links to the individual articles: 

Prevention and treatment of neglected tropical diseases: past, present and future
Authors: Kim Koporc, Paul Emerson

The Neglected Tropical Disease Non-governmental Development Organization Network (NNN): the value and future of a global network aiming to control and eliminate NTDs 
Authors: Lisa A. Rotondo, Wendy Harrison, Simon Bush, Adrian D. Hopkins, and Kim Koporc

Neglected Tropical Diseases, Cross-Cutting Issues Workshop, 4–6 February 2015, Utrecht, the Netherlands: meeting report
Authors: Liesbeth F. Mieras, Sunil Anand, Wim H. van Brakel, Helen C. Hamilton, K.H. Martin Kollmann, Charles Mackenzie, Ingrid Mason, and Anna Wickenden

RRR for NNN—a rapid research response for the Neglected Tropical Disease NGDO Network: a novel framework to challenges faced by the global programs targeting neglected tropical diseases
Authors: Chelsea E. Toledo, Julie Jacobson, Emily C. Wainwright, Eric A. Ottesen, and Patrick J. Lammie

Leaving no one behind: a neglected tropical disease indicator and tracers for the Sustainable Development Goals
Authors: Christopher Fitzpatrick and Dirk Engels

Water, sanitation and hygiene for accelerating and sustaining progress on neglected tropical diseases: a new Global Strategy 2015–20
Authors: Sophie Boisson, Dirk Engels, Bruce A. Gordon, Kate O. Medlicott, Maria P. Neira, Antonio Montresor, Anthony W. Solomon, and Yael Velleman

Integration of water, sanitation and hygiene for the control of neglected tropical diseases: a review of progress and the way forward
Authors: Robyn C. Waite, Yael Velleman, Geordie Woods, Alexandra Chitty, and Matthew C. Freeman

Neglected tropical diseases in Africa: a new paradigm
Author: Adrian Hopkins

Ethiopia and its steps to mobilize resources to achieve 2020 elimination and control goals for neglected tropical diseases webs joined can tie a lion 
Authors: Belete Mengitsu, Oumer Shafi, Biruck Kebede, Fikreab Kebede, Dagemlidet T. Worku, Merce Herero, Michael French, Biruk Kebede, Charles Mackenzie, Sarah Martindale, Zeyede Kebede, Tigist Hirpa, Hannah Frawley, Kathryn Crowley, Maggie O’Neil, and Scott McPherson

Social stigma towards neglected tropical diseases: a systematic review
Authors: Karlijn Hofstraat and Wim H. van Brakel

Towards a toolkit for cross-neglected tropical disease morbidity and disability assessment
Authors: Anna T. van ‘t Noordende, Heleen Kuiper, Alberto N. Ramos, Jr, Liesbeth F. Mieras, Jaqueline C. Barbosa, Sarah M. F. Pessoa, Eliana A. Souza, Thayse A. Fernandes, Duane C. Hinders, Margarida M. A. Praciano, and Wim H. van Brakel