Message from the CEO

Leprosy is increasingly part of the CRPD Committee’s normal work and dialogue.

During August and September, the CRPD Committee (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) has its second set of meetings for 2019. During the year, the Committee has been hearing repeatedly about leprosy. So far this year we have had:

  • A special lunch briefing in March, specifically about leprosy. 
  • Written submissions on stigma and discrimination in seven countries. 
  • Lobbying done by The Leprosy Mission at the Conference of State Parties in New York. 
  • Inclusion of ILEP in the speeches to the opening session of the Committee in September. 
  • Oral interventions when the Committee is discussing specific countries (six of these in August/September). 
  • And one-on-one meetings with individual Committee members. 

It is very pleasing to see how leprosy is increasingly part of the Committee’s normal work and dialogue.