Leprosy on the CRPD Committee’s agenda

On 26 August 2019 Geoff Warne, ILEP CEO, addressed the Committee at its opening session. 

He thanked them for so positively including the disabling effects of leprosy within the scope of their work. Even when there are no visible impairments, the mere label of leprosy so often results in social exclusion and loss of rights. 

On 27 August he and Dr Zaw Moe Aung (The Leprosy Mission) spoke about leprosy and human rights in Myanmar. During the coming weeks, the Committee will consider ILEP’s written and oral submissions on five other countries – India, Mexico, Venezuela, Lao and Singapore. All are important but the highest priority is urging the Committee to keep the pressure on India to repeal or amend all of its 108 discriminatory laws and introduce positive legislation that supports inclusion of people affected by leprosy.