MacArthur Foundation proposal final submission

A proposal for the 100&Change, a MacArthur Foundation competition for US $100 million, was submitted on August 6. 

MacArthur’s goal is to use its investments to take on problems that cannot be solved any other way than through a huge infusion of funding over a short period of time. Results needed to be framed within a five- and 10-year period. The proposal included PEP and anti-stigma initiatives. The coordinating lead was the Task Force for Global Health. The Leprosy Mission International and interested ILEP Members led the PEP section, and IDEA (with additional guidance from Dr Alice Cruz) led the anti-stigma section. The development of this proposal raised several interesting questions including what is the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy’s timeline for getting to zero leprosy and how can this be quantified for potential donors and partners. This was a great example of what can happen when ILEP Members and stakeholders collaborate.