NTD Roadmap 2021-2030

ILEP, in association with the NNN (NGO NTDs Network), has been advocating to make sure that the new NTDs Roadmap fully incorporates the ongoing consequences of NTDs like leprosy. 

While we recognise the enthusiasm to see a 90% reduction in the number of people suffering from NTDs worldwide, we need to ensure that consequences like ongoing disease management, disability and social exclusion are not overlooked. 

Paul Saunderson (ILEP Technical Commission) and Geoff Warne (ILEP CEO) have also collated input from ILEP Members into a proposed leprosy-specific section of the Roadmap. We strongly support Erwin Cooreman (Head of WHO Global Leprosy Programme) in working to ensure that the result is a credible and usable Roadmap for leprosy, as well as all other NTDs, and that the new Global Leprosy Strategy fully synchronises with it.