Zero leprosy country review: Nepal

At the invitation of the Ministry of Health, the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) and the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a joint review of the leprosy programme in Nepal in July. 

This was done in close collaboration with ILEP and other NGOs and organisations of persons affected by leprosy. The intention was to assess the programme’s current status and define key priorities. A ten-year Zero Leprosy Roadmap for Nepal was developed by a broad range of stakeholders and presented to the Minister of Health and other senior officials of the Health Ministry. Additionally, the officials promised to set in motion the abolishment of the only remaining law in Nepal that discriminates against persons affected by leprosy.This was the first pilot of GPZL’s country model, and there was much to be learned from the experience. Findings will be presented at the International Leprosy Congress in September. When the official report is produced, we will let you know.