DMDI update from the NNN, October 2018

The Disease Management, Disability and Inclusion working group met briefly during the recent NNN conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ILEP was well represented with more people from leprosy organisations than any other NTD group. Geoff Warne, ILEP CEO was present, as were some members of the panel of people affected by leprosy. The main actions coming out of the brief meeting is that there is still much to do in terms of showing NNN members and external people why interventions across the continuum of care are important, not just mass drug administration. 


ILEP members, ALM, GLRA, Lepra, NLR and TLM are working together with other NNN members to help make a DMDI conceptual and operational framework. Linda Lehman of ALM is co-coordinating a survey of NNN members to find out what kinds of interventions we are involved in. Mathias Duck and Pradeep Bagival co-facilitated a pre-NNN session for persons affected by NTDs. The DMDI group has worked hard to encourage NNN members to support people affected to attend such global events in future and we are pleased that the NNN membership has listened.


The next DMDI Working Group meeting will be 8th-10th April 2019 at The Leprosy Mission International, 80 Windmill Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 0QH, UK. More details to follow.


If you need more information about the DMDI working group, please contact the vice-Chair, Dr Wim van Brakel of Netherlands Leprosy Relief