GPZL 2020 country support

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) is supporting high, medium and low leprosy-burden countries by bringing together partners in-country and international stakeholders to work on country-led customised strategies that address local needs and priorities to end leprosy. 

GPZL spearheads this work in close collaboration with WHO’s Global Leprosy Programme, and offers support to national programmes through this unique country model approach. This model builds country capacity through country reviews, roadmaps, and resources and tools.

They work with countries to:

  • Help take stock of their current activities and needs through country reviews;
  • Create visioning roadmaps that lead towards zero leprosy; and
  • Support country-led strategies through resource mobilisation, technical assistance and online tools.

The partnership is selecting priority countries for 2020 and is asking interested countries to submit Expressions of Interest through the website for consideration this year. Expressions of Interest for country support in 2020 are due 1 March 2020. 

If you work with a National Programme Manager who may be interested in GPZL’s country support for the leprosy programme, visit the Expression of Interest Form to learn more.