Rehabilitation in health systems: a guide for action

A new publication from WHO advises countries on how to strengthen rehabilitation in health services. ILEP Members involved in rehabilitation are advised to take note.

This month, as part of the Rehabilitation 2030 initiative, WHO published Rehabilitation in health systems: guide for action. It offers a four-phase process for countries wanting to improve their rehabilitation systems as part of general health systems strengthening:

  • Assessing the rehabilitation situation in a systematic way;
  • Developing a rehabilitation strategic plan;
  • Establishing monitoring, evaluation, and review processes, including targets and indicators; and
  • Implementing the strategic plan, and building capacity to improve it over time.

ILEP Members working in rehabilitation should be aware of this Guide, as countries will be encouraged to implement it. The publication can be found here, and I draw your attention to the overview on page 6 and the brief summary of the four phases on pages 7-11.