Fontilles’ Historical Portal

Earlier this year, Fontilles launched a Spanish portal and an English overview dedicated to the history of their organisation.

Historical archives, developed by Fontilles and the University of Alicante in collaboration with the Sasakawa Health Foundation, are meant to increase leprosy’s historical resources in Spanish with Fontilles and other former leprosaria in Latin America through the Cervantes website.

The project had the double goal of protecting Fontilles’ heritage and presenting that legacy to society, as an example of the struggle against social exclusion in the 21st century. The project has historical and scientific value, as it showcases over a hundred years of work carried out by Fontilles in Spain in the fight against leprosy. It reflects and collects on all of the social, economic, cultural and religious elements of the history of Spain during this period of time. Fontilles firmly believes that this legacy, as well as the legacy of many other leprosaria around the world, aid in the fight against all kinds of discrimination and social marginalisation, whether caused by leprosy or not.