GPZL Update

The country review and next phase of the Operational Excellence Working Group

The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) has done its second country review – this one in Morocco – and will be reorganising the Operational Excellence Working Group to work further on the toolkit and related helpdesk; technical support; and advocacy around the ongoing implementation of the GPZL country models.

Country review: Morocco

This was the second GPZL country review after Nepal. Morocco, a ‘last mile’ country, was a valuable contrast from Nepal. The review team recorded progress in the National Leprosy Programme and made recommendations on how to overcome challenges, especially those that arise when new case numbers are low, and accelerate the achievement of zero leprosy. Outputs included the outlines for medium- and long-term roadmaps to zero leprosy, to which the Moroccan Government is strongly committed. See here for more information.

Operational Excellence Working Group: next phase

Since its formation, the two main tasks of the Working Group have been to develop the GPZL country model and the Zero Leprosy Toolkit. Both are well advanced. From January 2020 the Working Group will be reorganised around three ongoing tasks: 

  • the toolkit and the related helpdesk;
  • technical support, for example in the design and implementation of zero leprosy roadmaps, workshops, webinars, training manuals, etc.; and
  • advocacy around the ongoing implementation of the GPZL country models, including support for national partnerships for zero leprosy.