Leprosy Action Framework update – August 2018

Background to the Leprosy Action Framework meeting, to take place on 5-6 Sept 2018 in Amsterdam. Provided by Wim van Brakel.

The so-called ‘London Declaration Scorecard’ is part of a monitoring process of leprosy and 9 other NTDs in the WHO Roadmap for the Elimination of NTDs. This process is driven by the Uniting to Combat NTDs (UTC) consortium (initiated and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others). They monitor the progress in NTD control and elimination against the targets set in 2020 Roadmap.

This monitoring process is being revised. The revision process is led by a team from UTC led by Joanna Pritchard, who is based at the Task Force for Global Health in Atlanta, USA. A team of experts on M&E with representation from the various disease-specific networks across the NNN and NTD cross-cutting aspects (DMDI and WASH) have worked on this revision over the past 12 months or so. From the leprosy field, Guillermo Robert de Arquer (Lepra) and Wim van Brakel (NLR) have participated in this revision team.

This has resulted in a new tool, called the Action Framework tool. The attached presentation summarises the process of its development and shows the final tool on the last slide. It comprises 3 pillars (Enabling environment, Strategy and Public health intervention), each with a number of ‘components’ and altogether 34 ‘requirements’. Together these intend to cover all of the support requirements for effective NTD control and services, including NTD-related disability, stigma and psychosocial aspects.

In its operational form, the Action Framework comprises a spreadsheet with in which qualitative statements can be filled in on the status of each of the requirements in the framework, but also a description of challenges, gaps and bottlenecks, a rating of the status, a priority rating for addressing the issues, and a description of actions to be taken. Each disease community is asked to come up with a Framework with aggregated data for submission to UTC by September 30th, 2018.

Given the substantial amount of qualitative data that will go into this framework, we have decided to organise a meeting to fill in the Leprosy Action Framework. This meeting will be paid for by UTC. The venue is Amsterdam and the dates, Sep 5-6, 2018. We expect 15 participants from 10 countries, representing ILEP, WHO GLP, the Global Partnership secretariat, ILEP, Novartis Foundation, the three endemic continents, and affected persons.