Women and Girls in Focus

girl from Myanmar with thanaka paste on her face

July 27, 2016

London, UK, 27 July 2016: ILEP has been invited to take part in a working meeting on women and girls and NTDs on 27-28 July 2016, arranged by Uniting to Combat NTDs, which will review the evidence base of the impact of NTDs on women and girls and how effective NTD delivery platforms are in reaching women and girls. The goal of the meetings are to:

  • demonstrate the impact of NTDs on women and girls
  • ensure equity of access
  • recognise the role of women in achieving the 2020 goals

The meeting will include representatives from donors and policy makers such as Gates, DFID and USAID.

Research has highlighted that there is a still a lot to be done in our advocacy for women and leprosy. ILEP is planning to incorporate this important subject as part of the new “Zero campaigns” which will be the focus of the ILEP October meetings in Bern.

In order to prepare for this meeting, ILEP has developed a Factsheet women and leprosy to highlight some of the gender challenges that we face in leprosy to support the Triple Jeopardy report from last year.