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  • Maksuda’s Story: A model of leadership and giving back to others with leprosy

    22 Jan 2019

    Maksuda first met Lepra staff when she was diagnosed with leprosy and received treatment at a local clinic at Sirajganj, Bangladesh. At the time of her diagnosis, she was married; however, she returned to her father’s home with her daughter upon her divorce with her husband. Although at this time, Maksuda had successfully been treated for leprosy, she was without her own home or source of income.

  • Ajay’s story: Leprosy’s impact on families

    21 Jan 2019

    Meet Ajay, aged 40, from Amroha, India. This is his story, told in his own words, to help raise awareness of stigma and discrimination this World Leprosy Day.

  • Neru’s Story: Losing out on childhood and schooling

    17 Jan 2019

    Neru was only eight when she discovered she had leprosy. Her mother had noticed patches on Neru’s body and Neru also complained of numbness in her right hand and right leg. As time went on this numbness worsened and her hand began to stiffen and she could no longer open or close her hand, or hold things easily.

  • World Leprosy Day: Up to half of leprosy affected people face mental health issues

    16 Jan 2019

    ILEP is shining a spotlight on the invisible scars of stigma ahead of this year’s World Leprosy Day–themed around ending the stigma and discrimination associated with leprosy–with the publication of a new interactive report.

  • Valdenora portrait

    Valdenora’s Story: Amazonian trailblazer fighting for equality

    14 Jan 2019

    Ahead of World Leprosy Day 2019, we meet inspiring people fighting against the stigma and discrimination associated with leprosy. From Brazil, this is Valdenora's remarkable story of survival, recovery and advocacy.

  • Open Letter to President Emmanuel Macron

    10 Dec 2018

    "The use of ‘leprosy’ as a negative metaphor has consequences far beyond the political realm, because it perpetuates old and outdated stereotypes and reinforces stigma and discrimination against us, people affected by leprosy."

  • Flower Power: How roses have become a powerful weapon in the battle against stigma

    6 Dec 2018

    Dr. Sushil Koirala ’The Rose Doctor’ has been a human rights and peace activist for over 15 years, and is the founder of the Rose Movement, a campaign to help bring peace and joy to others. We reached out to him to hear how his movement has become revolutionary in the fight against stigma as well.

  • « Flower power » : s’armer de roses contre la stigmatisation

    6 Dec 2018

    Le docteur Sushil Koirala lutte en faveur des droits humains et de la paix depuis plus de 15 ans. Surnommé « The Rose Doctor », il a fondé la campagne « The Rose Movement », dont l’objectif est d’apporter la paix et le bonheur aux autres. Un mouvement devenu révolutionnaire dans la lutte contre la stigmatisation. Nous l’avons contacté pour mieux comprendre.

  • Talking leprosy: Irene Allen

    26 Nov 2018

    'A medical approach alone is not enough; people need to be treated holistically in order to restore their dignity and self-esteem.'

  • Talking leprosy: Rachna Kumari

    18 Oct 2018

    “My name is Rachna Kumari and I am affected with leprosy. I was 24 when I became aware that I had leprosy. My journey to recovery was a long one filled with wrong diagnosis…”