The LRI e-survey on Research Priorities

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The LRI would like to invite you to participate in an e-survey on the topic of leprosy-related research priorities.

In this e-survey, we would like to ask your opinion on how important different research topics are according to you. Furthermore, we would like to know if you think there are some important research topics missing from the list.

If you choose to participate, please complete the survey before May 15th.

You can use the following links access the survey:

In English

In French

In Hindi

In Portuguese

In Bahasa Indonesia

Your input is very valuable to this study and will contribute to a comprehensive list of current research priorities. We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to this study!

If you have any questions concerning this project or the e-survey, please contact Zahra Khazai at

She may also provide you with an excel version of the e-survey in case you experience difficulties accessing it online.

Update provided by Nienke Veldhuijzen from the LRI Technical Office.