Update from ILEP Panel of Women and Men Affected by Leprosy – Oct 2018 meeting

The panel met on 9 October in Brussels.

We discussed a number of issues:

  • We agreed that we need to continue to look for ways to relate to the wider community of women and men affected by leprosy. In this sense, we also need ILEP members to help us establish relationships with local organizations of people affected.
  • We will continue to work on the ILEP policy of participation of people affected. We will seek the input and feedback of the wider community of people affected.
  • The panel will revise the ILEP Stigma Guidelines and give feedback to the TEG which will meet in November.
  • To the Members Assembly we communicated the following:
  • With the ITC and the Operational Excellence Group of the GPZL we are exploring ways for an ILEP wide project on inclusion and participation.
  • We recommend that ILEP members support the UN Special Rapporteur on her plans to conduct consultations, official country visits and a meeting of persons affected at the 2019 Human Rights Council Session.
  • We reminded ILEP members about their commitment to the ILEP policy of communication. We regret that this policy is not always being upheld in communications of ILEP members and their partners and we want all members to strive towards a communication that conveys respect and dignity for people affected by leprosy.

From Chair of the Panel, Mathias Duck.