Rachna’s story


Rachna Kumari was 24 when she discovered she had leprosy. The crippling stigma that she experienced has enabled her to understand and help those living with the disease in Bihar, India.

Her husband supported her when she was diagnosed with leprosy but due an unfortunate incident, he died.  She was compelled by circumstances to raise her children on her own.

rachna-cropped“When I got this disease, the attitude of the family and society changed completely. They deserted me, which made me heart-broken and even more, made me think why is this happening? As I am cured today, I have the opportunity to serve people affected by leprosy. I understand my rights and I am working to help others and also taking care of my children. Why cannot others also have this life?”

“I just say one thing to people with leprosy. We have to bring them into mainstream life without any discrimination.”

Today Rachna also sits on the ILEP Panel of men and women affected by leprosy, working towards Zero Discrimination so others will not suffer the loneliness and isolation she did.


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